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How to Use Your Backdrops with SilverScreen Version 3

Pocket Sensei recently released the much-anticipated SilverScreen Version 3. With SilverScreen Version 3, you can use "backdrops" (background images similar to "wallpaper" on computer desktops) -- BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE A PALM HANDHELD THAT IS POWERED BY PALM OPERATING SYSTEM OS5 or HIGHER.

If you DO have a Palm OS5 device and need a bit of a tutorial on how to access and utilize your backdrops, we're providing the following to help you gain a higher level of enjoyment with your handheld device.

On your computer, perform the following steps:
Step 1 ::: Step 2 :::

Unzip the Theme File to your preferred directory
(please take note of what directory!)

Open Folder Labeled as " [theme title] ... Backdrops."

Step 3 ::: Step 4 :::

Open Palm "Install Tool."

DRAG the JPG file to the INSTALL TOOL.
Double-clicking on the JPG will only open the image in whatever your default viewer is, so you MUST drag the file.
Note that it will AUTOMATICALLY install onto your SD card.

On your handheld, perform the following steps:
Step 1 ::: Step 2 :::

Open SilverScreen "HotSpot," choosing the SilverScreen "Themes Preferences" once opened.

Choose the Backdrop "dropdown."
(Likely currently displayed as "None.")

Step 3 ::: Step 4 :::

Choose the GIF/JPEG option.

Navigate to the folder on your SD card where the
Backdrop was installed.
Note: If you have a card reader, you can access the files using Windows Explorer and copy the files to the card and place them in your preferred directory.

Step 5 ::: Step 6 :::

Choose the Backdrop that you want to use.
Click "open" and your Palm will process your request.

Now you will see the "GIF/JPEG" prompt showing in the
Backdrop dropdown. Click on "OK" to exit.

Step 7 :::  

There's your Backdrop!!!

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