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Major News! Pocket Sensei Releases SilverScreen Version 3!

As you may know, Pocket Sensei recently released the much-anticipated SilverScreen Version 3. If you have not already upgraded to the new version of SilverScreen (currently being offered by Pocket Sensei for $9.95), our recommendation is go for it!

*The following is from descriptive information posted on the Pocket Sensei website *

An Overview of What's New in SilverScreen Version 3.0

  • Scroll Bars with all new styles and updated favorites.
  • Ticker Tapes provide dynamic content for Ticker sheet.
  • Pix Sheet can read GIF and JPEG images directly from card.
  • OS6 Appearance dialogs, buttons and default scroll bar.
  • 4-bit Grayscale themes supported on b/w devices.
  • 16-bit Color default on OS5 devices.
  • Animated Effects for app launching bring screen to life.
  • All-New Look for default theme with Classic flavor still available.
  • Blue Tooth capability added via Beam tool.
  • Hi-res Fonts from Cagney and Hepburn, to Stewart and Standard.
  • Smart Sheet technology activates the sheet you want.
  • Auto-Framed Palmprints for dashing backdrops on all OS5 devices.
  • Clié Jog Dial options for either standard behavior or QuickSilver control.
  • Zound FX© audio sets on SoundStream devices (Tungsten, Zire).
  • Hi-res Icons supported in the Replace Icon dialog.
  • Self-deleting Intro provides cinematic flair w/o memory consumption.

Coming Attractions for 3.x

  • Memory Card catalog with state-of-the-art file manager.
  • Dynamicons intelligent application markers.
  • Mini-Movie theater with truly short animated shorts.
  • My Docs filing with magni-folders.

What's New With DBD Themes?

Backdrops!! Tons and tons of backdrops!

OS5 users can enjoy the SilverScreen experience with dazzling hi-res backdrops simply by selecting JPEG or GIF images from the memory card!

To help you more fully utilize all of the benefits of the new SS version -- and to further enhance your handheld -- we have created some very unique and complimentary backdrops for our themes. We hope that you enjoy them!

* Backdrops are NOT available in the DEMO version of our themes, but are included in the full version.

All of our themes are FULLY compatible with
Pocket Sensei's new release of SilverScreen Versions 2 and 3!


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