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OK, take me back to the themes now!


SilverScreen™ by PocketSensei® (Required for Using Themes)

Want to use these themes on your handheld? You must have PocketSensei's SilverScreen installed.

If you want to purchase SilverScreen, it can be purchased through PalmGear.com, as well. To get more information, visit PalmGear.com and/or PocketSensei.com.

What is SilverScreen? We'll tell you.

System Requirements for SilverScreen

Any Palm® OS device with OS 3.0 or above and 300K of free memory.

What is SilverScreen?

From PocketSensei's Website

PocketSensei® SilverScreen™ software just keeps on rockin' 'n' scrollin' with even more extensive skinability. Experience the next generation of application management with the broadest and most productive toolset available, all while customizing your palmtop with just the right look from a stellar library of themes. You love your Palm® OS handheld for its stylish design and uncompromisable simplicity; SilverScreen is the world's best-selling application launcher that delivers more of both.

Drag and drop your apps onto the pop-up Tool Sheet™ to get info, categorize, beam, or delete in a flash. Change to the list view to compare file attributes or to sort with a single tap. Set up the Stroke of Genius™ for intuitive access to the functions you use most. Assign a favorite application to a Hot Spot™ for one-tap access or find a recently launched item under the QuickSilver™ menu. Lock your device, perform a soft reset or even a simple shut down from the Device menu. Whatever the task may be, it's simpler and more efficient with SilverScreen.

The innovation doesn't stop there! SilverScreen pushes the envelope of interface design with a ticker that keeps you up-to-date on Datebook and To Do items without ever leaving the launcher environment. A pop-up Tabs sheet makes navigating between categories easier than ever before. SilverScreen also provides the industry's most complete support for Secure Digital® cards and Sony® Memory Stick® media. Launching and categorizing items on expansion media is seamlessly integrated along with the ability to copy and move files to and from the handheld. A host of other improvements fine tune performance to create the ultimate PDA experience. Sony Clié and Tungsten T owners can enjoy the SilverScreen experience in full hi-res simply by installing the included add-on files.

SilverScreen is designed for the professional or Palm enthusiast who demands the most from his handheld computer. It represents an unparalleled fusion of form and function, style and substance. Give your handheld the full star treatment with the industry-leading, five-star launcher–SilverScreen!

Read an independent review about SilverScreen below.

Our Themes

Take me to the Themes!     

Review of SilverScreen

Anyone who’s ever picked up a Palm knows how underwhelming the application launcher is. Even on a richly colored Palm, the drab blues make up the only colorful and interesting part of the user interface. Using the memory card is a burden, as is trying to delete, beam, or get any useful information on your applications. Many people who mistakenly purchase Pocket PC’s purchase them merely on appearance.

Thankfully, Pocket Sensei® created SilverScreen™, the complete Palm OS launcher out there today. It combines the features of dozens of applications all into one neat package. SilverScreen allows you rename, get information, and even rename applications. Running programs off the memory card is accomplished with ease, and everything (including databases) can be quickly beamed.

Best of all, the themes are fun, interesting, and great looking, on everything from a Palm III to today's HiResolution devices. All in all, this is one of the best programs on the market today.


Cool-looking themes are one of SilverScreen's™ shining points. Certainly, color themes look better, but the grayscale ones are perfectly fine as well, many are available for your viewing pleasure at pocketsensei.com. SilverScreen™ recently added a feature to allow you to configure a nice-looking new scroll bar, as well as custom item and tab fonts.

You'll also find the ticker preferences in there. The ticker is a little bar that scrolls like a "stock ticker" across the bottom and shows you your to-do list and Date Book information for the day, and can scroll at different speeds. It's an extremely cool feature, just by itself.

Categorizing is hardly an exciting feature, but the tool bar makes it easy to arrange things on the fly. The fonts of the application, tool bar, and even the side scroll bar can be configured. SilverScreen™ ships with four interesting designs, and you can add your own using Font Bucket.

The scroll bar change is a very nice feature. It’s a small change, but aesthetically to eliminate it removes all traces of a regular Palm on your handheld. SilverScreen™ transforms it entirely into something much better.

Another thing you can configure is the program's names in the browser, as well as the ability to hide them (which another application that will remain nameless charges money for), and change their icon.

Pocketsensei.com also contains lots of free icons, so you've got a wide variety of customization available. Finally, you can configure the two dots on the side of the tool bars to go to apps, turn on the backlight, lock the palm, you name it, it does it.

There's also a "recent apps/favorite apps" button at the top right of the screen. If you don't like the icon view, you can easily switch over to a list view instead by hitting a green arrow. Simply put, there's a lot you can configure.

Other Features

Another great feature of SilverScreen™ is the memory card use. It's one of the easiest programs to use to put applications on a memory card to run, just drag their icons to the categorization icon in the tools section, and the program is quickly transferred to the /Palm/Launcher Folder.

That brings me to the four icons in the tools section. The info one allows you to see information on your handheld, such as OS version, processor, power source, user name and last HotSync. It displays info about a program if you drag an application icon to the info tool, and it will allow you to change the name and icon there, as well as display miscellaneous info on the app.

Next is the categorization icon already mentioned.

The beam tool allows you to beam anything, including databases, and although I really wish it allowed you to beam stuff off the memory card, it's great the way it is.

Finally, there's the industry standard trash can, and it works more like a regular trash can, where you can drag stuff in, and empty or save the stuff later.

The battery display at the top shows a colorful power indicator, and you can tap on it to have it give you a percentage, and if you keep tapping on it, will show you internal memory space available.


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