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Palm Handheld SilverScreen™ Themes

Has your Palm Handheld gotten the blues? Need to spruce up your PalmTop? Is your personality sagging a little bit? Want something to represent your inner self, the true you?

We've got the answer! We are pleased to have expanded our offerings to include themes / skins for handheld devices! Be sure to check out all of the themes that are currently offered -- and bookmark our page as we create and add new themes VERY often! We try to post new themes at least every two weeks!

Wondering what it is? SilverScreen? Want to read about it!? Here you go!

View Our Themes

We began creating themes for use with Pocket Sensei's SilverScreen™ in April 2003. The response has been amazing!! We are happy to tell you that we celebratd our one-year in the "Palm Handheld Theme Business" with thousands of happy customers.

The feedback has been absolutely amazing and we have been overwhelmed by the kind words.

Thanks to all for your support! Our themes are colorful, frivolous, imaginative, and entirely unique! Some were created by request, others by chance.

All were created to be among the highest quality themes available.

Here you will find quick links to each of the themes that we currently have available.

     Go ahead and view the themes!!

Are You Ready for Some Football?! Cat Lovers This & That Batter Up! Hello Kitty! Da' Blues! My Funny Valentine! Holly Jolly Handheld! Gobble and Give Thanks! Ghouls, Goblins and Ghosties! Instruments of Music Garden Party Crop Circles True Heros Embossed Tiles China Blue Tiles Dog Lovers Aqua-Style SpongeBob SquarePants #2 Lucky Charms Colored Glass Farm Life Felix the Cat Felix the Cat Jellys & Bugs

Individual Themes

Themes #1-11 Themes #12 -
Event Themes  

Theme Packs

Personalized/Customized Themes

       DUE TO OVERWHELMING RESPONSE, we regret that we cannot currently accept any additional custom theme requests. We will update this notice when we can accept more orders, so please check back!!

  • Don't see anything that suits your personal taste? We'll custom-design a theme for you, at a VERY reasonable price -- usually less than $25.00!! Your imagination is your only limit!

    Drop us a note! We'll respond as quickly as possible -- ususally within three to five days.     

    Our Policy on Custom-Designed Themes is to Reserve the Customer’s Exclusivity for a Two-Week Period. We will not post this theme/icons for online sale for at least two weeks after release to the customer. We want the customer to be able to show it off and have exclusive rights for that time period. You will also be acknowledged (by first name only) in all online postings of this theme!

SilverScreen™ by PocketSensei® (Required for Using Themes)

Want to use these themes on your handheld? You must have PocketSensei's SilverScreen installed. If you want to purchase SilverScreen, it can be purchased through PalmGear.com, as well.

To get more information, visit PalmGear.com or PocketSensei.com.

Additionally, we have provided more information, and reviews of SilverScreen -- which you can REad by following this link.


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::: PDAGreen Info :::

All of our themes can be purchased through PalmGear.com -- starting at only $1.00!

PalmGear is committed to the Palm OS Software Development community. As the largest and oldest commercial internet site devoted to third party applications for the Palm OS, and the host of resources such as "PalmGear KnowledgeBase," Palmgear is the site to help consumers get the most out of their Palm handheld device.

PalmGear is the largest marketplace for Palm OS software and the place most customers go to shop and evaluate the potential offerings. We are glad to have begun partnering with them in offering our Themes!


Some of our themes are now also available at Handango.com -- also starting at only $1.00!

Handango is the leading publisher and platform for mobile software. Handango markets more than 35,000 applications from more than 8,000 Handango Software Partners through an extensive global distribution network of online, retail, and enterprise channels reaching more than five million mobile users each month.

PDA Green

We are proud to announce that all of our themes can be purchased through PDA GReen -- starting at only $1.00!

Visit PDA Green and discover one of the untapped treasures in the world of PDA Software! Visit PDAGreen.com and find out more about their stuff ... and our stuff!

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