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Cascading Style Sheets

Cascading style sheets (CSS) are an elegantly designed extension to the Web -- and one of the greatest hopes for recapturing the Web's ideal of separation of presentation (design) and content. The Web is the ultimate cross-platform system, and your content will be presented on such a huge variety of devices and browsers, that pages need to have the ability to separate the meaning of the information and leave design details to a merger (or "cascade") of site-specified style sheets.

With Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), you can easily change color codes, fonts styles and sizes, and other page properties in ONE place and the style sheet changes it throughout your site. It's like magic.

Each of our web sites will come with a custom-designed style sheet developed specially for it. CSS is the professional designers' choice for the development of quality web sites. Experienced designers thoroughly know and understand the concept of CSS. They would never create a web site for a customer or client without using CSS as the backbone.

We don't use redundant HTML font and color codes that many new designers use, because it's not the most effective way to design a page nor is it considered professional. With CSS you have no worries of font tags, color codes and unnecessary HTML tags used throughout your pages. Such extreme and unnecessary tag redundancy will cause your pages to take longer to load and are a nightmare to edit if you ever want to change your fonts or colors.

Why don't more new web designes use it if it is so simple? Because the first step to learning web design is HTML and that is all the further their web design experience and education has taken them thus far.

Consumer Tip: Now that you know this bit of information, you can easily recognize a NEW web designer.

Say goodbye to a poorly designed web site -- and say hello to QUALITY. You just found Designs By Darcy!

We're light years ahead of basic. We know what we are doing.

At Designs By Darcy, we use TopStyle Pro 3 to aid in the design and development of our Cascading Style Sheets. To read more about TopStyle and the amazing magic it can weave, visit their web site.

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