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Corel Graphics Suite 11 - Key Features

The new features and enhancements in CorelDRAW 11 are the direct result of extensive research and an ongoing dialog with customers. CorelDRAW 11 has been specifically designed to make your work more enjoyable by improving and streamlining workflows associated with the process of creating, editing, and repurposing graphics.

CorelDRAW® 11

Built on more than 15 years of continual enhancements and customer feedback, CorelDRAW 11 features world-renowned interactive design tools.

New! Symbols Support

Reduce and reuse the most important elements in your designs.

New! Roughen and Smudge Brushes

Easily edit curves with these pressure-sensitive tools that feature full tablet support.

Roughen Brush

Smudge Brush

New! 3-Point Ellipse, Rectangle and Curve Tools

Create exact size and rotation of these shapes in two easy clicks.

Ellipse Tool

    • Live Effects—Work Freely and Efficiently with Real-Time Feedback
    • Enhanced! SVG support—create data-driven, dynamic graphics using SVG
    • Customizable workspace—create a workspace that suits your personal needs
    • New! Polyline tool—create curves and lines in one stroke, using one tool


  • New! CutOut tool—quickly mask complex objects
  • Enhanced! Image Stitching—create seamless panoramas with multiple images or objects
  • New! Image Slicing—load large images on a Web page faster by breaking them into segments
  • New! Rollovers—add dynamic effects to Web graphics
  • New! Red Eye Removal tool—merely brush over problem areas to correct your photos
  • Plus! More than 100 effects

Corel R.A.V.E.™ 2

  • Real Animated Vector Effects™—add animations to your Web designs in minutes
  • New! Symbols—optimize Macromedia Flash™ file sizes by referencing objects or animated symbols

New symbols

    • Enhanced! Macromedia Flash filter—produce compact animations for the web
    • Enhanced! Behavior support—add a greater level of interactivity to Macromedia Flash animations, diagrams, sequences and more
    • New! Animate or Tween—create advanced text transitions and effects by animating text on a path. Plus, tween Perfect Shapes™ to create animations using customizable shapes
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