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Andromeda Software Inc., located in Westlake Village, CA, is a graphics software engineering company in business since 1990. The founders and senior engineering staff are digital imaging industry veterans having developed graphics imaging related software for handwriting recognition, pre-press magazine and newspaper advertising production and related image management software. Since 1990, the company has worked closely with Adobe Systems Inc., to develop, maintain and license digital imaging technology. The company also publishes under the company name an extensive multi-platform line of imaging plug-ins for Adobe products.

Use the links below to get information on each filter we utilize:


3D-Luxe Filters
Series 1 Filters
Perspective Filters
Scatterlight Filters
Series 3 Screens Filters
Shadow Filters
Varifocus Filters
Velociraptor Filters

 Andromeda 3D-Luxe

Don't just Surface Wrap! Add the new dropout, texturing and combine features to your image; or create a whole new one. New features include Stressed, Riveted, Aged, Mesh, and Alien sculpted surfaces. Combine 3D textures, 3D surface and your input photo. Adjust the contribution from each layer for phenomenal effects ...


Andromeda Series 1

    • cMulti and sMulti Filters create versatile circular or straight, multiple lens, kaleidoscopic effects.
    • Designs Filter has 100 single bit textures and patterns that can be rotated, colored, bent and warped: a "2 1/2 D" effect impossible to achieve manually!
    • Mezzo Line-Screen Filter uses patterned screens within designs to convert your photo to B & W mezzo line-art. Ideal for rich illustrations and image dependent textures.
    • Diffract, Prism and Rainbow Filters have versatile geometric controls to create spectral effects far easier than any gradient tool.
    • Halo Filter provides controlled highlight diffusion. Adjust for direction, spread and intensity.
    • Reflection Filter provides instant clear pool reflections. Adjust position, feathering and opacity. A must for 3D scene creation.
    • Star Filter is the ultimate star design tool for adding single or multiple bright glints, sparks, and glows to your image.
    • Velocity Filter has three unique motion effects. Multiple ghosting highlight smears and fade-out.


Andromeda Perspective Filter

A photograph is a flat image (2D) with height and width but no depth. Perspective Filter can be used to suggest or introduce the third dimension, depth, experienced in human vision.

Andromeda Perspective Filter is unique in that it uses a camera paradigm to introduce depth or perspective. The user interface provides a dynamic visual interface, which inspires creative use. The introduction of this new plug-in continues Andromeda’s commitment to provide innovative plug-ins that are distinctive and beneficial.

A "virtual camera" navigational tool in the Perspective offers a "tilt" and "swing" motion. The "tilt" movement permits depth-of-field control of the image plane. Moving the virtual camera right to left while focused on a stationary position accomplishes the "swing". The Perspective zoom function also gives the effect of a dolly, in which the camera moves closer to or away from the image. For those looking for a quick and intuitive perspective tool, Perspective is the one.

Perspective offers the following advantages over other perspective functions available in image editing programs:

  • A "virtual" camera in 3D space.
  • View and manipulate your image through a "lens".
  • Introduce consistent perspective in multiple images.
  • Introduce consistent perspective in string of text characters.
  • Factory preset library with visual display.
  • Users can save presets with descriptions for future use or reference.
  • 360 degree rotation of images in any direction.
  • The ability to zoom in and out of an image with ease.


Andromeda Scatterlight

DreamOptics Lenses for glows; SoftFocus Lenses for portraiture; SoftDiffuser Lenses for mist and fog; StarLight Lenses for glints, sparks and flares.

  • DreamOptics -- Gently pulls and scatters light from highlighted areas to create dreamy highlights throughout the image.
  • SoftFocus -- For softening and refining portraits. Various optical lens patterns provide professional soft focus effects that can range from subtle to dramatic.
  • SoftDiffuser -- Softener for images to add diffusion or fog. The filter offers optical lens patterns to vary density.
  • StarLight -- Focuses light over the brightest areas of your image to create a starlight effect. The filter offers many different optical lens patterns.


Andromeda Series 3 Screens Filters

"Colouring does not depend on where colors are put, but where lights and darks are put; where that is wrong, the colouring never can be right."    -- William Blake --

Series 3 Screens converts gray-scale into a wide variety of different line art screens from 15 to 400 lpi. featuring mezzotints, sharp contrast mezzograms, mezzoblends, ellipses, lines, circles, spokes, waves or any blended combination. A 5 star, World Class Winner!


Andromeda Shadow Filter

Shadow Features:

  • Perspective shadows with a Virtual Camera
  • Stereo 3D viewing
  • Multiple shadowing with four movable lights

Shadow Effects:

  • Natural soft edges and blurring
  • Drop and cast shadows imposed on a movable plane
  • Real 3-D shadowing

Outdoor Shadows -- Backlighting -- Opaque Shadows -- Projected Drop Shadows -- Colors -- Indoor Shadows -- Floating Shadows -- Ground lights -- Objects Near Ground -- Perspective Shadows -- Multiples -- Transparent


Andromeda Varifocus

Defocus then Focus to the Point ... Lets you focus/defocus features in your image with custom control.

  • Preset masks or create your own
  • Negative unsharp masking
  • Distort and shift masks by dragging


Andromeda Velociraptor Filter

Get vaporized with Velociraptor ... CAUTION! Velocity trails ahead may arc, bounce, cascade, converge, curve, decline, diminish, jolt, jitter, loop, spiral, spring, streak, trail or wave without warning!


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