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Eye Candy


Alien Skin Software was founded in 1993 with a mission to create easy-to-use, time-saving plug-ins for both novice and professional graphic artists.

In April 1994, Alien Skin released the Black Box for Macintosh, a set of six Photoshop filters designed to save time on common tasks like shadows, glows and bevels. Three of the Black Box filters were included in Corel's PhotoPaint Plus.

In January 1995, a natural texture generator called Alien Skin Textureshop was released. Textureshop used core technology from Alien Skin Software and was published and sold by Virtus, Corp.

Black Box 2.0 was released in July 1995. It contained ten filters, including Drop Shadow, Motion Trail, Carve and Cutout, and supported previews and Photoshop 3.0 layers. Alien Skin's reputation for practical software and friendly tech support spread quickly as users around the world fell in love with the Black Box.

Stylist, Alien Skin's second product, was released in the first quarter of 1996. Stylist was a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator 6.0 that added style sheets and live effects while giving the user a unique floating palette interface.

Eye Candy 3, a new version of The Black Box, was released on January 1997 at Macworld San Francisco. This upgrade, which worked with Photoshop 3.04 or later, featured a slew of brand new filters, including Fire, Smoke, Chrome and Perspective Shadow, a zoomable preview and many other features. Eye Candy 3 quickly became an industry-standard filter set and remains one of the most popular graphics plug-ins on the market today.

Eye Candy for After Effects was released in October 1997. This set of filters for Adobe's After Effects motion graphics tool was based on our popular Eye Candy 3 set. Eye Candy For After Effects was awarded Best of Show at MacWorld Boston 1997.

Xenofex was released in November of 1998. This set of sixteen special effects filters, including Lightning, Television, Flag and Little Fluffy Clouds, received rave reviews. Xenofex earned an Editors' Choice award from Mac Today and, like Eye Candy, remains one of the top-selling plug-ins in the world of graphics.

Eye Candy 4000, the much-anticipated major upgrade to Eye Candy 3, was released in October of 2000. The set added five new filters for a total of twenty-three, along with a host of powerful improvements including new Bevel Profile and Color Gradient Editors, seamless tiling, unlimited "undo and "redo" and much more. The public beta version of the upgrade won a Best of Show award at Macworld in September, and rave reviews have already begun to appear.

While other graphics plug-in companies have come and gone, or focused their energies elsewhere, Alien Skin Software has continued doing what it has done successfully since 1993: write and sell practical, easy-to-use software that makes life easier for graphic designers.

Alien Skin Eye Candy 4000

Eye Candy 4000 is a collection of 23 time-saving filters that will fortify any user's creativity. Eye Candy is the only filter set on the market that combines practical effects like shadows, bevels and glows with stunning effects like Chrome, Fire, Smoke and Wood. This easy-to-use set is consistently ranked one of the top-selling graphics plug-ins in the world.

The Antimatter filter inverts a selection's brightness without affecting hue and saturation values. This is useful for creating a contrast effect while retaining the current colors. Antimatter is a quick and easy way to invert a graphic for a JavaScript mouseover image, for example.
The Bevel Boss filter creates an enormous variety of bevel and carve shapes. Users can add an embossed look to any selection, either inside or outside the selection edge -- perfect for quickly creating "buttons" of any shape -- or create a chiselled effect. The new Bevel Profile Editor provides users with precise control over the shape of the bevel or carve effect.
The Chrome filter uses reflection maps to create a wide range of strikingly realistic metallic effects, including gold, silver, copper and other metals. Reflection maps are uncompressed TIFF files that are warped around your selection to create the reflections similar to those seen on actual metal objects. You can create your own TIFF files to use as reflection maps, or use one of the variety of reflection maps we have included with Chrome. The new Bevel Profile Editor provides precise control over placement of the effect.
The Corona filter quickly creates solar flares, gaseous clouds and other astronomical effects, with control over size, color, stretching, waver and more.
The Cutout filter recreates the selection as a hole in the image by adding shadows. Users control the direction, distance, opacity and more. There are three fill options for the Cutout effect: making the selection transparent, filling it with the original image or filling it with any solid color.
The Drip filter instantly turns text and images into dripping paintings with 3D-like drops, with control over drip width, length, tapering, dribble and more.

The Fire filter quickly creates a wide range of fire and flame-like effects. The new Color Gradient Editor is included to allow users to choose their own color scheme; users also have control over flame width, height, tapering, movement, density and more.

The Fur filter creates a variety of fur and hair effects: fuzzy textures, wavy curls, long strands and more. Users control hair length, density, curliness and more.
The Glass filter creates a layer of clear or colored glass over your selection by simulating refraction, light filtering and light reflection. Users also control smoothness, tinting, gradient shading, bevelling and more.
The Gradient Glow filter can create a variety of realistic glows around a selection, including complex color gradients using the new Color Gradient Editor. Sliders control width, softness, opacity and more.
The HSB Noise filter adds visual noise to a selection by varying hue, saturation and brightness values, with easy control over the size and direction of the noise. The new Fractal Roughness slider adds detail to the Smooth Fractal and Wrinkled Fractal options.
The Jiggle filter produces a powerful distortion based on randomly-spaced bubbling. Unlike the Photoshop distortion filters, Jiggle is not based on a wave pattern, or around a single axis. Instead, Jiggle yields a more organic distortion, resulting in a selection that appears as if it is bubbling, gelatinous or even shattered.
The Marble filter creates a variety of realistic marble textures, including full control over the color, size and shape of the rock and vein features. The seamless tiling option allows you to easily create smoothly patterned marble backgrounds.
The Melt filter turns up the heat on any image, creating the appearance of melting, including the pooling of the selection at the bottom of the melted area. Sliders also control ripple width and stretch length.
The Motion Trail filter draws a trail from the selection to create the appearance of rapid movement. Users can easily control direction, length, taper, opacity and more.
The Shadowlab filter easily creates drop shadows and perspective shadows. Sliders control the shadow direction, distance from the selection, opacity, color, blurring and perspective blurring. New In-Preview controls allow for easy, intuitive placement and shaping of any shadow.
The Smoke filter creates billowing smoke, haze, fog, fumes and more. The new Color Gradient Editor is included to provide a wide variety of color choices for the effect. Users easily control direction, turbulence, tapering, length, blurring and more.
The Squint filter creates realistic organic blurring by spreading each pixel in your selection around the edge of a circle. The result is a blur that closely duplicates the effect of poor vision, an image projected out of focus or a reflection in a vibrating mirror.
The Star filter quickly creates stars, starbursts and other regular polygon shapes without the need to import them from another program or use paths to approximate them. New In-Preview controls allow for easy, intuitive placement and shaping of any polygon.
The Swirl filter smears your selection using randomly-placed whirlpools. The spacing and shape of these whirlpools can be controlled to achieve an amazing variety of texture effects, from spirals to crystalline effects and more.
The Water Drops filter creates a variety of realistic liquid shapes and textures in any color, including drops, spills, spurts and more. Sliders control drop size, coverage, opacity, refraction, color and more.
The Weave filter recreates your selection to give it the appearance of being woven. Users have control over the width of the strips and gaps that form the weave, as well as control over what is seen through any weave gaps. Users can also add texture to the woven threads.
The Wood filter quickly and easily creates a variety of realistic wood effects, including control over variation and coloring of the rings, knots and grain of the wood.


Alien Skin Xenofex

Xenofex is a collection of 16 inspirational special effects that will energize any graphics project. Realistic natural phenomena and sophisticated distortions have never been easier to create. The interface is simple and intuitive, and includes a fully resizable and zoomable preview window that allows you to see the effect on any part of your image with a single click. Xenofex also includes over 160 presets to help you begin creating complex special effects in seconds.

Baked Earth uses shadows and highlights to create the appearance of dried and cracked earth over your selection. A wide range of realistic textures is possible, including peeling paint, reptilian skin and pebbles.
Constellation recreates your image as points of light, with each point of light the color of the original image at that point. This filter can also provide a wide range of kaleidoscopic textures and effects.
Crumple simulates the effect of printing the image on paper that has been crushed and then partially flattened out again.
Distress creates an organic aging and crumbling effect, as if something has been eating away at the edges of your selection.
Electrify creates bolts of electricity branching out from the edges of your selection. You have a wide range of control over the number, shape and color of the bolts of electricity.
Flag provides realistic 3-D rendering of rippling surfaces, adding shadows and highlights to create a windblown banner effect.
Lightning draws a glowing lightning bolt across your selection. You can easily control the length, branching, spread and color of the lightning.
Little Fluffy Clouds creates a wide range of cloud shapes and cloud-like effects, from slight wisps to threatening storm fronts. A wide range of plastic, snow and liquid effects is also possible.
Origami cuts your selection into small triangles and then swaps the position of nearby triangles, resulting in shapes reminiscent of folded paper.
Puzzle adds highlights and shadows to create a jigsaw puzzle effect over your selection.
Rounded Rectangle creates a rectangle with rounded corners just inside the edges of your selection. The rectangle can have a 3-D bevelled effect or appear flat, and can be empty or completely filled in.
Shatter breaks up your image, creating an effect similar to that obtained by looking at your selection in a broken mirror.
Shower Door is a distortion filter that simulates viewing your image through lumpy glass, similar to that found in many shower doors.
Stain creates a realistic spilled liquid effect in the shape of your selection.
Stamper fills your image with miniature duplicate tiles, creating a mosaic effect. You can choose any uncompressed TIFF file as the source for the miniature tiles, or use your original image.
Television makes your image appear as if it were displayed on an old television. A wide range of video-like effects is possible.

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