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DreamSuite Gel Series

DreamSuite Gel is a fun special effects suite that can add vibrant, translucent depth effects to your artwork. With Gel you can generate stunning print and web graphics with ease.

Gel is built with the award winning DreamSuite engine to give an infinite variety of looks and combinations of visual results.

DreamSuite Gel effects allow the user to paint on textured surfaces, colors and even control the depth by painting on imprints or extrusion on the bevels on a localized basis.

In DreamSuite, each effect has a set of controls that allow the user to adjust the effect's visual settings. Any onscreen tools associated with an effect are tied to the effect controls so the user may draw onscreen and the brush applies the current setting.

DreamSuite Gel series can be used to create simple graphics with translucent depth or it can be used to paint over photos and add in depth, color and surface textures.


Apply vibrant depth to your type and graphics with a brush or selection.

Gel Painter

Brush and paint with different translucent Gel brushes and surfaces

Gel Mixer

Blend and mix an unlimited number of gel surfaces together.

Liquid Crystal

Brush on and flow soft, reflective, translucent glassy depth on your artwork.

Crystal Painter

Brush and paint with liquid crystal styled depth effects

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