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RoboInfo 5 At a Glance

(from Macromedia's RoboInfo Web Page)

Allow any size organization to easily track, manage, and publish policies and procedures online

RoboInfo offers any size organization a simple way to manage, track, and instantly publish documentation online. RoboInfo also provides end users with powerful navigation for instantly retrieving only the most relevant information.


Easily put your organization’s documentation online today. RoboInfo helps any size organization easily put documentation online at substantial time and cost savings compared to other methods and solutions. It’s easy to go paperless and get efficient with RoboInfo.

Instantly leverage your existing documentation. Use RoboInfo’s intuitive import wizards to easily import any number of existing Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML, FrameMaker, or XML files into a RoboInfo project for publishing online.

Seamlessly create and edit new content. Easily create and edit content within RoboInfo's easy-to-use HTML editor or choose any popular HTML editor such as Dreamweaver as your default editor.

Publish documentation online in seconds. Instantly publish new and updated content online with a single click. RoboInfo makes putting the most current, consistent information online as simple as possible.


Control, track, and manage online documentation from start to finish. Maintain complete control of your documentation online with comprehensive content management features like audit trails, version control, document rollback, and automatic time date stamping.

Enable team members to work on projects worldwide. Allow teams of content authors and approvers to seamlessly work on a single project from any location. Work can also be completed while traveling or while offline, and telecommuting is simple.

Provide end users with critical up-to-date information right now. Documentation published online is presented to end users in familiar and intuitive navigation. A book-style table of contents, keyword index, glossary, and Natural Language search features allow users to find information in seconds, not minutes.

Continually analyze and optimize online documentation. Use RoboInfo Pro's in-depth quantitative feedback reports to monitor online documentation traffic so that content owners can ensure all information is always optimized.


Extend online documentation with powerful functionality. RoboInfo Pro's Natural Language search, automatic project merging, and international language support guarantee the most robust online documentation possible.

Integrate documentation into an Intranet, or publish it as a web site. RoboInfo's robust online content management and publishing system seamlessly integrates into any current portal and/or intranet site, or works perfectly as a standalone web site.

Deliver online documentation to all end users at low cost. Unlike many competitors, RoboInfo does not operate based on an expensive “per-seat” model. Organizations only pay for those who directly design and approve content, all end users enjoy the benefits of RoboInfo absolutely free.

Offer only the most accessible online documentation possible. Integrated document templates, auto-generated navigation elements, and 508 compliant output ensure that all online content is consistent, up-to-date, and completely accessible.

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